Our History

Screen Therapeutics LLC (formerly Envisage LLC), began its journey back in 2014 with a goal to identify, create and advance innovative products and solutions for patients. Our story is one of sheer grit and determination. We aim to bring this passion in developing proprietary screening “tools” to identify and advanced novel medicines.

Cancer - a formidable foe

Cancer continues to be a leading cause of death around the world. Despite tremendous progress being made in the development of new therapies, the incidence and prevalence of cancers have steadily risen. Moreover, access to these innovative therapies are at times limited to patients in unmet need due to either resistance to therapies or general cost of access.

Our Mission

In the complex landscape of immunology, we uncover hidden opportunities by understanding the interactions between immune cells, their microenvironment, and the ECM. At Screen Therapeutics, we harness the ECM’s power to revolutionize immunology through transformative drug discovery. With cutting-edge technologies, we dive deep into the ECM’s influence on immune responses and develop targeted therapies. Collaborating with experts, we strive to restore immune homeostasis and enhance patient outcomes, unlocking new avenues for innovation and addressing immunological disorders. Together, we harness the immune system’s power to combat diseases.

By using the ECM as a rich source of drug targets, we strive to develop therapies that restore immune homeostasis, enhance immune cell function, and address the underlying causes of immunological disorders. Our goal is to improve the lives of patients by bringing forth innovative treatments that harness the power of the immune system to combat diseases.

Our Mission

Current approaches in immunotherapy are focused on activating or modulating the immune system to eradicate tumors in the tumor micro-environment (TME). While such approaches have become effective therapies for patients, the occurrence of adverse events and toxicities remain a challenge.

In TME cancer cells directly interact with both the immune system and the stroma and in turn the stroma responds with pro-inflammatory and anti-tumor makers. Understanding the cross talk between immune cells, stroma and cancer cells may lead to the discovery of novel pathways and biomarkers.

We aim to interrogate the TME for the stromal-immune-tumor factors to develop novel therapeutics for cancer.