Research studies from several groups and the broad implementation of recent diagnostic products support the value and highlight the need for additional biomarkers that predict therapeutic outcomes, help define immune status and measure functional activity within the tumor microenvironment. IMMUNE 3D® can be used to assess context specific expression of particular biomarkers (hot/cold tumors) in response to drug treatment.

Example Studies

  • Identify markers of immune enhancement (such as antibody-targeted therapy) versus immune normalization (factors needed to restore antitumor immunity)
  • Personalization of specific immunotherapies by providing a comprehensive characterization of immune phenotype and function in a vary of settings
  • Measuring target via Immunohistochemistry (IHC)
  • Measuring tumor mutation load and Microsatellite Instability on T cell infiltration and migration
  • Immune profiling of T cells and other immune cells

What can we measure?

  • Immune profiling in early on treatment biopsies and patient samples to predict response to treatment.
  • Single cell profiling (TCR, RNAseq)
  • Chemokine and cytokine signatures in response to drug treatment.
  • Gene expression profiling in longitudinal tumors biopsies.
  • Immune suppressive factors such as myeloid suppressor cells and their role in predicting treatment responses.
  • T cell dysfunction in tumors with high infiltration of CTL and the prevention of T cell infiltration with low CTL.

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