Selection of an IND ready drug candidate requires extensive pre-clinical studies to understand the profile of a drug candidate. 3D cultures are important tools to help down select drug candidates and can be used to measure target binding, target expression, function, mechanism of action, dose optimization, safety and toxicity. We provide an overview of IMMUNE 3D®  and its broad spectrum applications.

Drug discovery requires an understanding of disease and disease biology. IMMUNE 3D® provides the architecture to capture cell-cell interactions, signaling pathways, migration, environments, and immune-tumor interactions.

IMMUNE 3D® has the potential to capture a broad array of cell types and mimic the gene expression patterns and immune repertoires as found in in vivo models. These advantages help advance the discovery and validation of novel targets.

Phenotypic screens provide valuable information in the early stages of drug discovery.  IMMUNE 3D® broad adaptation to diseases allows for ideal setup to screen for phenotypes and selection of the drug candidate of choice.

Essential to the process of drug discovery is the ability to evaluate the efficacy of drug candidates. Comparison to traditional 2D cultures reveals significant changes in factors such as cell surface expression and metabolic factors that impact drug efficacy and dose responses.

Drug toxicity and adverse reactions are results of potential off-target interactions. IMMUNE 3D®  stringent setup allows for the evaluation of the lymphocyte responses across various disease cell types.

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