Our Approach to Immuno-Oncology

We have developed modules to capture the classifications of ‘hot’, ‘altered’ and ‘cold’ immune-tumor environments. In partnership with Immunaccel we have access to proprietary, well characterized, HLA-matched CTL and Tumor cell lines that includes a Keytruda resistant TIL and Tumor and Keytruda sensitive TIL and Tumor.

We have conducted extensive screening studies in evaluating lymphocyte migration and infiltration in response to a drug candidate. Our typical readouts include flow cytometry changes of checkpoint molecules on immune cells, multiplex cytokine readouts and immunohistochemical techniques. Example studies include:

  • Evaluated drug response in comparison to Keytruda using Keytruda resistant TIL and tumor line
  • Immune suppressive mechanisms that restrict CTL activity
  • CAR-T screening for lysis of solid tumor (colon) by HLA-matched CTL (CD8+) line
  • Evaluated the role of chemokines and chemokine receptors in response to checkpoint blockade
  • Screened for stromal factors and adhesion molecules
  • Combination screening of checkpoints and epigenetic molecules (HDAC)
  • T cell profiling in response to antigen upregulation
  • Metabolic signatures in response to hypoxic conditions