ROCKVILLE, MD., November 1, 2021 — Screen Therapeutics LLC announces the selection of 5 drug targets of interest. The company will focus its efforts in characterization, functional analysis and mechanistic studies across various in vitro, ex vivo and in vivo model systems.

The company has identified and will develop reagents for the chosen drug targets. Furthermore, the company will build on the preliminary proof-of-concept data generated to date and expand across various model systems. The specific targets are:

  • LAIR-1/2

  • CD163/M130

  • JAML

  • KLRG1

  • CD39/CD73

Our aim is to efficiently screen these drug targets for novel pathways, functions, mechanism of action using cutting edge science, instrumentation and model systems” said Vik Subbu, CEO of Screen Therapeutics and Managing Partner of Equidis Ventures.