IMMUNE 3D ® is a unique and proprietary platform customized to capture the human cellular microenvironment best suited to screen or discover drug candidates that impact. T cell migration and their effector functions. T cell migration is governed by mechanisms that regulate the activation state of the cell and for environment-specific cues. A number of factors including chemokines, stromal factors and matrix metalloproteinases have been shown to influence the infiltration of T cells in the tumor microenvironment (TME). The migration and infiltration of T cells is critical for effective antitumor immune surveillance. Studies have shown that T cells accumulate in the stroma and the density of stroma extracellular matrix plays a role in controlling migration of lymphocytes


Importance of Lymphocyte Migration

T cell migration is important for mounting an effective immune responses. It permits the T cell to recognize antigen presented in the context of MHC by an antigen presenting cells and then traffic and interact with other cells. Studying the interactions of immune cells and diseased cells or tissues can lead to the a better understanding of migration of immune cells 



IMMUNE 3D®’s design relies on natural physiological relevance and lymphocyte migration compared to other platforms that utilize artifical inserts to provide the added layer for evaluating lymphocyte migration.

  • Uniformity across all wells compared to spheroids
  • Cost-effective and simple design
  • Scalable to 96 wells
  • Adaptable to any fresh tumor tissues to evaluate migration and infiltration of lymphocytes
  • Customizable to capture disease environments and immune cells
  • Patented system and extensive know-how

Broad Spectrum Applications